What Are Some Suggestions for Replacing RV Awning Fabric?


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Before installing a new RV awning fabric, make sure to measure the dimensions of the awning to ensure you purchase the right size for your RV. Replacing the fabric on the awning requires two people. Also, while unrolling the springs on each end of the awning, count the number of turns you make to relieve the tension. The spring needs to be turned back this many times to reset the tension properly when the new fabric is on.

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To remove the existing fabric, start by unlocking the travel locks and rolling the fabric out a foot's length. Lock the spring tension of the tube with a cotter pin. Remove the arms from the side of the vehicle, and then from the awning, by removing the bolts holding them on. Unlock the spring tension and unwind it, counting the times it takes as you go. Use a drill to remove the torsion assembly, making sure to mark the cam handle's position.

Once the old fabric is removed from the tube, put the new fabric on the tube and reattach the torsion assembly using new rivets. Wind the spring tension back the number of times it was unwound and lock it again with the cotter pin. Reattach the arms to the awning, unlock the spring tension, roll-up the fabric, and then reattach the arms to the RV.

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