Which Subaru Vehicles Feature Right Hand Drive?


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Most Subaru vehicles including the Subaru Impreza and WRX feature right-hand drive when produced for the Japanese Domestic Market and other countries that drive on the left side of the road. These cars are often mechanically similar to left-hand drive models sold in the United States, aside from their right-hand drive configuration. However, some left-hand drive models may feature more potent engine tuning than models meant for the American market due to differences in emission restrictions between different countries.

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There are 55 countries recognized by the United Nations, as of 2015, that use right-hand drive vehicles, including Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia. Though countries that drive on the left are a minority of countries overall, and only about 10 percent of total traffic travels on the left side of the road, the large market in these areas overall and in Subaru's native Japan insures that most Subarus are produced in right-hand drive models. Most models retain the same name designation between regions, though some older Subarus may be named differently in right-hand drive markets.

Subaru models offered only in right-hand drive are rare. However, certain high-performance variants of some models are exclusive to the Japanese domestic market and are therefore right-hand drive vehicles only. The WRX STI 22B and WRX STI Type S are famous examples of Subaru WRX variants that were only ever made in right-hand drive.

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