What Are Some Styles and Features of DUB Floaters?


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DUB floaters or wheels offer many styles, including Attack 5, a high gloss and bronze brushed matte finish, Swerv, a machined black design with a double dark tint, and Malice, a high luster polish with a gold tint. Features of DUB floaters include spinners, step lips, concave profiles, staggered rims and reverse drop lips.

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Some popular one-piece wheel series for passenger cars, trucks and SUV's include 8-Ball, Balla, Directa and Phase 6. Popular forged series include the Platinum Series, which are two-piece staggered wheels, along with Firewire, Woofer, Fader and Technic.

DUB spinners are typically customizable and offer series such as Zippo, Dazr, Spike, Cutta and Spektra. Standard skirts each come with a standard two-piece staggered directional base wheel, and models include Fantasy, Splitter, Shokka and Snatch.

Spinners work due to roller bearings that isolate the spinners from the wheels. This allows the spinners to turn while the tires of the vehicle are not moving. Some states propose a ban on spinners, reasoning that the movement of the spinners when the car is not moving might cause issues for or confuse other drivers. Spinners have not always been decorative and originally helped keep the wheel of the automobile in place.

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