What Are Some Styles of Climate Control Knobs?


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Car climate control knobs come in the basic plastic, circular styles that originally come with many vehicles, modified styles that have the same basic look and shape as the original knobs but with different colors or finishes, and radical styles that feature innovative detailing such as decorative designs and vibrant colors. Consumers can purchase knobs featuring images such as skulls, flames or stars to add some flair to a vehicle's interior.

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Typical modern vehicles come with black plastic climate control knobs, according to Auto Parts Warehouse. Consumers who prefer this traditional look can purchase replacement knobs in this basic style if their cars' knobs fall off or become damaged. Knobs in different colors or with subtle changes, such as a chrome finish, add some personal style to the vehicle. Radical knobs with decorative images or patterns are available to make a bolder statement.

When purchasing any climate control knob, it is important to verify that the knob fits the vehicle. Before installing new knobs, put the car in park, and turn off the engine. After removing the old knobs, trim the mounting rod to accommodate the size of the new knobs, and insert any necessary screws or bearings onto the rod. Put the replacement knobs in place, and then turn on the engine to test if the knobs work to control the temperature.

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