What Are Some Styles of Chevy Pickup Seats?


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Some styles of Chevy pickup seats include expanded cab truck seats, standard cab truck seats, vintage truck seats, truck bench seats and expanded cab truck high back seats. Other varieties include standard cab truck low back seats and truck jump seats.

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Pickup truck seats come in a variety of materials and styles, and users can further customize their options by setting up different car seat covers with them. One material is ballistic nylon, which is resistant to staining, scuffing and water damage. Other options include neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber material, and neosupreme, which is a combination of neoprene and polyester. Neosupreme is not completely water proof and stain resistant, however, although it is more affordable.

Genuine and fake leather are two other car seat surface options, and they are designed to create a certain appearance within the cabin as well. They are both soft options that provide users with breathability. Leather is a more expensive option, and suede is another seat cover material that is designed to provide users with superior durability and stain resistance.

Additional changes to the material provides users with comfort as well, and the surface is available in a range of colors and patterns.

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