What Are Some Styles of Boat Enclosures?

Some available styles of boat enclosures include mooring covers, pontoon playpen covers and convertible tops. Cover styles are also available for specific seasons and parts of a boat including the cockpit cover, bow cover, winter storage cover and bow-and-cockpit combination cover. Types of enclosures are also available for specific types of boats such as the bass boat cover.

Mooring covers are styled to be put to use while the boat is in the water, on a hoist or on a trailer. They are taller than a towing cover and made to hold up in heavy rain storms without letting water build up on the cover. Pontoon playpen covers are meant to do the same things as the mooring cover, with the exception of covering the front deck. Convertible enclosures connect to the windshields of boats and are meant to withstand all weather without having to be removed to use the boat.

Cockpit-and-bow covers are meant to cover the specifically named part of the boat, while combination covers cover both pieces. Special covers, such as bass boat covers, are made to fit low and be more resistant to wind, fitting only on specific types of boats. Seasonal covers are made to be specific, with covers such as the winter enclosure being made thicker to withstand snow.