How Do You Study for a Permit Test?


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To study for a driver's permit test, use a state issued DMV manual to go over your state's driving laws, signs and safety procedures. Many manuals also provide practice tests at the back of the booklet. Navigate to your state's DMV website online to access more practice tests.

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As you go through the manual, take notes about the information you need to remember for the permit test. Use the notes as a reference and take them with you for moments in the day you have a few minutes to study. Create flashcards for some of the information, such as the meaning of signs. Ask someone you trust to go through the manual and quiz you on random information. Any question you answer incorrectly is written down or marked so that your next study session focuses on those areas.

While travelling in a vehicle, observe road conditions and notice situations that correspond to information from the manual. Notice things such as speed limit signs, lane merge signs and four-way stop etiquette. Ask the person driving to discuss signal use or a turn as it is happening and as it corresponds to the procedures described in the manual. There are also some preparatory courses both in schools and online. Many permit tests are multiple choice, and some DMV offices offer the test on a computer while others administer paper tests.

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