How Do You Study for the G2 Driving Test in Ontario?


To study for the G2 driving test in Ontario, a driver should review the online guide at with the tasks that a driver must be able to execute properly during the test itself. It is necessary to perform this series of procedures successfully to obtain a full license.

The G2 test often begins with an examination of the driver's ability to properly make right and left turns, so it is important for the driver to practice all the steps involved in both procedures, including traffic checks, proper signaling, a gradual steady acceleration and the maintenance of enough space between vehicles on the road.

The test practitioner also examines a driver's ability to stop properly at intersections, traffic lights and other signs. At all times a driver is expected to check traffic, keep both hands on the steering wheel, shift gears at the appropriate times (if driving manual transmission) and continue to move the vehicle at legal speeds.

A significant part of the G2 test involves entering, exiting and maintaining proper speed on a freeway. The practitioner checks to make sure the driver utilizes the mirrors and blind spots to gauge the proper time to enter the freeway from an on-ramp. Likewise, the driver must exercise similar techniques when exiting the freeway.

The final two tasks a driver must pass in the G2 test are completion of a three-point turn and successful parallel parking. If a driver practices and studies all of these procedures, he should be better equipped to pass the G2 test and obtain a full drivers license.