How Do You Study for a DMV Test?

How Do You Study for a DMV Test?

To study for a DMV test, get the DMV handbook, take practice tests, read the handbook, use a study guide and re-take the practice tests. Ensure that you get enough sleep the night before the test.

  1. Get the DMV handbook

    Go to your local DMV and pick up a handbook. The handbook is also available for download online. Read through the handbook, take short notes and highlight important points. The idea is to get familiar with the information in the handbook.

  2. Take a practice test

    Go online and download the practice tests for your state. Take a few tests to get an idea of where you stand in terms of proficiency.

  3. Read the handbook

    Read the entire handbook. Concentrate on problem areas as determined by your practice test results. Use the practice tests as guides when reading the handbook.

  4. Find a study guide

    Visit and download a study guide. This provides useful tips and information to make studying easier and faster.

  5. Re-take the practice tests

    Re-take the practice tests until you are confident in your ability to answer questions. Focus on the different wording to avoid confusion during the exam. Re-read areas where you may be failing. Ensure that you get enough sleep the day before the exam.