How Do You Study for the California DMV Test?


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Prepare for the California DMV test by reviewing the California Driver Handbook and answering the practice test questions in the handbook. The questions on the driver's test come directly from the state's handbook, so use the handbook as a study tool to create flash cards or practice tests in preparation for the exam.

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Review the rules of the road as stipulated in the California Driver Handbook, which includes laws and procedures on how to navigate a right-away, maximum and minimum speed limits, crosswalk and pedestrian rules, and areas or situations requiring reduced speeds. The California DMV test also examines knowledge of traffic signs, street signals and pedestrian signals, which you can prepare for by memorizing the signs and using word associations to commit the meanings of the signs and signals to memory.

Study methods of scanning for oncoming traffic and braking procedures. The California DMV test covers procedures for lane control such as how to pass vehicles, change lanes and recognize line colors. The test also reviews rules regarding lanes designated for high-occupancy vehicles, bicycles and turnouts.

Review safe driving practices such as horn and headlight use, signaling, steering, and emergency signals. Also study laws regarding the use of cell phones and text messaging while driving.

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