What Are StreetGlow Lights?

What Are StreetGlow Lights?

StreetGlow lights are a brand of lights placed on the undercarriage of a vehicle to alter the vehicle's appearance. They come in several styles, including neon tubes and LED strips. Lights are available separately or in kits. Lights for tires are also available.

Undercar kits provide the most complete StreetGlow-light look. StreetGlow has three available. The Gold Series neon kit has two 51-inch tubes and two 30-inch tubes powered by a 9500-volt transformer. The neon tubes are sealed in acrylic tubing that holds up against tough road conditions.

The OPTX Series neon kit has two 48-inch tubes and two 30-inch tubes that are sealed in acrylic tubing similar to that of the Gold Series. The transformers to power the tubes are built in, and they include a central distribution block to make installation simpler. This kit is the most affordable undercar kit available.

LED kits cater to those who wish to employ multiple colors. Additionally, LED kits allow the user to animate the lights via a controller. If desired, the lights can pulse or change color to the beat of the music playing inside the vehicle.

While StreetGlow lights are eye-catching, they are not always legal. Many states consider them a distraction to other drivers on the road and have outlawed them. Other states have set restrictions stating that the lights may not flash or contain the colors red or blue to prevent drivers from mistaking the vehicle for an emergency vehicle.