What Are Some Street-Legal Golf Carts?


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Examples of street-legal golf carts include the Magellan Star, Magellan Phantom, Evolution and the Garia "golf buggy" as of 2015. These vehicles are certified for use on public roads with speeds up to 35 mph and include all required equipment for legal use, including three-point seat belts, brake lights, turn signals and rearview mirrors. Street-legal golf carts must also have windshields, parking brakes, headlights and reflectors for visibility on the front, rear and sides of the vehicles.

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Street-legal golf carts are also known as low-speed or neighborhood electric vehicles, since their primary use outside of golf courses is for short trips in suburban areas. However, street-legal golf carts can have up to a 60-mile range on a full battery after six to eight hours charging time. Legally, street-legal golf carts are treated as standard motor vehicles and are insured and issued Vehicle Identification Numbers as standard automobiles.

Popular seating configurations for street-legal golf carts include the 2+2 arrangement used on the Evolution and Garia carts and the 4+2 configuration used on Magellan's carts. A 4+2 arrangement provides four full-size passenger seats, but these carts are longer and more expensive than most 2+2 carts. Despite being legal to operate on most public roads with speed limits up to 35 mph, none of these carts can exceed 25 mph.

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