What Stores Sell Volvo Penta Engines?

What Stores Sell Volvo Penta Engines?

Some stores that sell Volvo Penta engines include US Engines Inc, Marine Parts Express, Volvo Penta Store and Volvo Penta. All of these stores allow customers to place orders online and have them shipped, as of 2015.

US Engines Inc sells the Penta engines from its website and ships within the United States and Canada. This store offers a seven-year warranty, and its design makes the reworked engine more energy efficient than the customer's original engine.

Marine Parts Express sells engines from its website and its storefront in Edgecomb, Maine. After purchasing an engine, this store offers genuine Penta parts for easy maintenance. If a customer doesn't want to buy a new engine, this store can refurbish an existing one.

The Volvo Penta Store sells both gas and diesel Penta engines. As of 2015, this store offers free shipping on all ground shipments over $99 within the United States, with Alaska as the only exception. This store offers Penta motors for the drives and transmission as well.

Volvo Penta is the actual manufacturer of the original engines, and it ships purchased replacement engines and maintenance parts to customers. If a customer wants to buy an engine locally, this company's website offers a search engine for local dealerships. This is the one location that offers in-stock all of the products made by Volvo Penta.