What Are Some Stores That Sell Tractor Hydraulic Oil?


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As of 2016, stores that sell hydraulic tractor oil include Walmart.com, TractorSupply.com and OReillyAuto.com. All of these retailers sell the fluid both in retail stores and on their websites.

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Walmart.com sells SuperTech 303 Tractor/Hydraulic Oil in a 5-gallon size, and this fluid helps to provide protection against rust, oxidation and wear. The fluid contains base oils that are suitable for moderate applications, and it is usable as a general purpose oil for hydraulic tractors.

TractorSupply.com sells a hydraulic oil fluid from Traveller that blends several oils to lubricate a tractor's transmission, hydraulics, wet brakes and differentials. The Traveller fluid offers protection against chatter from the brakes, along with thermal stability and protection against wear. It meets manufacturer's specifications for several tractor models, including Caterpillar, Agco, Massey, John Deere and Yanmar.

OReillyAuto.com sells many hydraulic tractor oils under the O'Reilly brand, including regular hydraulic tractor fluid in a 5-gallon container and a premium hydraulic tractor fluid in a 1-gallon container. To find out about the availability and prices of these items, a buyer must enter a ZIP code into OReillyAuto.com. This allows the user to choose a local store. The user can pay online and pick the oil up at the store, or the company can ship the oil to the buyer's home.

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