What Stores Sell Demolition Derby Cars?


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Junk yards, auto wreckers and used car lots are among the best places to find a car for use in a demolition derby. Few, if any, car dealers specifically specialize in selling demolition derby vehicles, since the majority of such cars are simply older cars with limited resale value. Private parties looking to sell an older vehicle rather than scrap it may also provide good opportunities to obtain a demolition derby racer.

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The typical demolition derby car is an older domestic vehicle, with large and heavy rear-wheel drive cars among the most favored models due to their weight and durability. The Chrysler Imperial, Ford Crown Victoria and Chevrolet Impala are larger rear-wheel drive cars with reputations for reliability and are all common on the used market, making them frequent choices for demolition derby drivers. However, many derbies ban the Chrysler Imperial due to its toughness and dominant track record in demolition derby competition.

Front-wheel drive cars have historically been less popular among demolition derby drivers than large domestic rear-wheel drive cars, partially since they tend to be smaller than the usual cars of choice for derbies. However, front-wheel drive cars offer the advantage of having all of the major drivetrain parts concentrated at the front end of the vehicle rather than having a vulnerable driveline running the length of the car as in a rear-wheel drive car. This trait has lead to an increase in popularity for front-wheel drive cars among derby drivers in recent years since a rear-first driving style is common in demolition derbies.

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