What Stores Have Brand New Engines for Sale?


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Advance Auto Parts lists some new engines for sale on its website, and Powertrain Direct helps customers find new engines. However, new engines are rare, especially for older vehicles.

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What Stores Have Brand New Engines for Sale?
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Engines take up a significant amount of space, and most people have their engines repaired if possible. If the engine needs to be replaced, drivers often sell the vehicle for scrap. Because of this, manufacturers generally don't make as many new engines as other components, and third-party manufacturers rarely make full engines.

Buyers often turn to rebuilt or remanufactured engines, but it is important to note the differences between these types of engines. Rebuilt engines simply have broken parts replaced, and they often have poor performance. Remanufactured engines, on the other hand, have far more components replaced, and they often have upgraded parts over early models of the engine. As a result, they might offer superior components to new engines.

Drivers who are thinking about replacing an engine should talk to local mechanics to get price estimates. In some cases, mechanics might have access to new engines for certain vehicles. While both new and remanufactured engines are fairly expensive, the labor involved in replacing an engine is high as well. Paying a bit more for a reliable engine can save drivers a significant amount of money.

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