What Are Some Storage Ideas for Coffee Makers in RVs?

What Are Some Storage Ideas for Coffee Makers in RVs?

When storing a coffee maker in an RV, it is best to have it in a cupboard. It can also be mounted underneath the cabinets or secured on a counter.

The first step to managing storage space in an RV kitchen is to only purchase small kitchen items. Purchasing a coffee maker that is small and also contains a thermal carafe is a good start. This type of machine serves multiple functions -- it brews the coffee and keeps it warm. It also features a mechanism that prevents the coffee from leaking.

When storing anything in an RV, it is important to make sure the item remains secure during travel. The best way to secure a coffee maker in an RV is to mount it under the cabinets. This way, it is secure and is not taking up surface space on the cabinet. Having the coffee maker in a permanent spot is also more convenient than having to move it around.

Storing the coffee maker in a cabinet keeps the coffee maker from shifting when the RV is in motion. The down side to keeping it in the cabinet is that it takes away from space that can be used for dishes and other kitchen necessities.

Securing the coffee maker directly to the counter top is an option as well. This option is most convenient, but it also limits food preparation space and can create clutter in the RV kitchen, which is already a limited area.