How Do You Stop a Squeaky Serpentine Belt?

How Do You Stop a Squeaky Serpentine Belt?

Fix a squeaky serpentine belt by applying belt dressing to the area. This takes only a few minutes. You need aerosol belt dressing, a level area, tight fitting clothes and a hair band.

  1. Put on safety clothing

    Prepare by wearing the right clothing. Wear clothes that fit tightly to your body. With loose clothing, you run the risk of getting it stuck in a moving part of the engine. Tie your hair back so that it does not get caught.

  2. Use a flat, level surface

    Park your car on a surface that is flat and level. This helps you to remain steady on your feet and prevent injury.

  3. Start your car

    Start your car in park so that the engine is running. The engine needs to run so that the belt moves and every part can be equally sprayed with the dressing.

  4. Open the hood

    Open the hood of the car. Prop it open securely.

  5. Spray the aerosol belt dressing

    Position the spray bottle by the belt so that the nozzle is facing the inside. This is the area where the squeaking occurs because it passes over all the metal pulleys and other parts. Hold the nozzle down, spraying continuously for 10 seconds or for as long as it takes for the belt to make one full revolution.