How Do I Stop Power Steering Fluid Leaks?

To stop power steering fluid leaks, park the car with the engine running, look for the leak, cut the torn portion of the power steering hose and connect the hose with brass knobs and hose clamps. You should also refill the lost power steering fluid.

  1. Park the car and leave the engine running

    Apply the emergency brake before you shift into the park gear, and lift up the hood of the car while the engine is running.

  2. Look under the car for the leak

    The power steering fluid leak is most likely spurting out underneath the car. Once you've confirmed that you have a fluid leak, refrain from driving your car until the repair has been taken care of since the fluid can cause a fire.

  3. Cut out the damaged part of the hose and repair it

    After the leak has been identified, shut off the engine, and cut out the damaged portion of the hose. Attach two hose clamps to either end of the hose, and connect it with brass knobs. Make sure that the clamps aren't so tight that they start to strip the threads on the hose.

  4. Replace the hose in the proper place

    Place the hose in its correct position, and top off the power steering fluid levels to replace what was lost. Start the engine up, and check to make sure that the leak has been taken care of. This fix is only a temporary one, so plan to have the hose replaced by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.