How Do You Stop an Oil Leak in the Engine?

stop-oil-leak-engine Credit: Reza Estakhrian/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To temporarily fix an oil leak, add a product that is designed to stop oil leaks. Permanently repair the leak by replacing degraded gaskets, tightening loose bolts and replacing the oil filter.

When using a product designed to stop oil leaks, follow the instructions on the product packaging to ensure the product works properly. The gaskets on the valve cover, timing cover and oil pan are commonly replaced to repair an oil leak. To find the leaking gasket, look for areas that are corroded with dust, and replace the corresponding gasket.

If the oil is leaking directly under the oil pan, remove the oil pan plug and drain the oil into a container. Check the oil plug for signs of damage, and replace it if necessary. Replace the oil filter and the plug, and refill the car with new oil. Start the car and examine the oil pan to ensure the leak is repaired.

Tighten the bolts securing the oil pan, valve cover and timing belt cover and start the car to determine whether the leak is repaired. Replace stripped, damaged or missing bolts as needed, and tighten the new bolts to the recommended torque. A mechanic can provide assistance with locating and repairing an oil leak if the cause of the leak cannot be identified.