What Was the Stock Tire Size on a 1981 Ford F150?


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According to TireSize.com, the tire sizes for a 1981 Ford F150 range in width from 215 to 235 millimeters. The aspect ratio is 75 and the diameter is 15 inches. The tire size depends on the drive type.

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The tire sizes are 215/75R15 or 235/75R15 for a 1981 Ford F150 two-wheel-drive pickup truck and 235/75R15 for a four-wheel-drive truck. The diameter of a 215/75R15 is 27.7 inches with a circumference of 87 inches and turns at 728 revolutions per mile. The diameter of a 235/75R15 is 28.9 inches with a circumference of 90.7 inches and turns at 699 revolutions per mile. Tire size specifications vary by manufacturer.

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