What Are the Steps to Reset the Fuel Pump on a Car or Truck?

To reset the fuel pump on a car or truck, locate the initial trigger of the vehicle, and press the inertia switch button. If the switch doesn't have an external button, remove its cover to access the button or the breaker switch. If required, replace a blown fuse.

The owner's manual usually gives the precise location of the vehicle's inertial trigger or module of airbag control. If this isn't the case, look for the trigger within the center console, at the back of the glove compartment, beneath the seats in the front, and at the back of the kick panels on the passenger and driver's sides.

Then, look for the fuel pump reset button or a button whose color is in contrast with that of the case. This is the inertia switch button. Press this button. If required, switch the ignition to the on position, and press the switch.

When an external button is not present, pry off the plastic clips, or undo the screws of the inertia switch cover using a screwdriver. Look for a button, fuse or breaker switch inside. Press the button, or bring the breaker switch to its normal position. If a fuse is present, take out the old fuse, and replace it with a new one that has an equal rating.