What Steps Are Required to Repair a Windshield Wiper Motor?


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To repair a windshield wiper motor, locate the assembly, remove the motor and install a new motor. To complete this repair, it is best for individuals to wear safety glasses to protect the eyes.

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An individual must start the repair by locating the wiper motor in the engine compartment. The individual must then check the wiper motor fuse and then gain access to the assembly that houses the wiper motor. If this is unknown, the owner of the car can check the owner's manual for fuse diagrams. When finding the assembly, the owner must turn the ignition switch on, and then turn on the windshield wiper switch.

The individual should then check the power and ground of the wiper motor with a test light, and then turn the switch off and disconnect the negative cable to the battery. The owner must then disconnect the wiper arm assembly from the wiper motor, and then disconnect the wiring harness before removing the wiper mounting bolts and completely removing the motor.

To install the new motor, the individual must install the mounting bolts to the specifications of the manufacturer and connect the electrical harness and the wiper arm assembly. The owner then must connect the negative battery cable and then test the wiper motor operation to verify that the repair is complete.

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