What Are the Steps for Replacing a Steering Box?


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The first step to replacing a steering box is to park the car on a flat ground and put on the brakes. Disconnect the battery safely from the battery post.

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Allow the engine to cool, and place a plastic drip pan below the power steering box. Unplug the pressure hose, and plug the opening with a rag. Separate the pitman arm from the steering linkage, and also disunite the steering shaft from the power steering box shaft. Using a wrench, remove the large bolts attached to the steering box. Lower the unit from under the bottom part of the engine compartment. Inspect the parts withdrawn from the power steering box carefully for proper functioning.

Mount the old pitman arm in the new steering box gear. Follow the removal steps in reverse order to set up the steering box. In case the manual is not available, return all the components removed back to the manufacturer’s specifications. After, fill the power steering reservoir with new power steering fluid. Request someone to start up the engine and move the steering wheel right and left as you check the fluid leakage. Subsequently, shut off the engine. The last step is to re-examine the reservoir to see if more fluid is required. Check the fluid level several days after installation.

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