What Are the Steps to Replacing the Shift Lever of a Ford Pickup?


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To replace the shift lever of a Ford pickup, detach the boot of the lever, and remove the shift lever. Then, position and secure the new shift lever in place. Finally, reassemble the lever boot.

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When changing the shift lever of a Ford pickup, begin by turning off the vehicle's engine and removing the keys from the ignition, as a precautionary measure.

To detach the boot of the shift lever, undo the four retainer screws that hold it in place using a Phillips screwdriver. Keep the screws in a safe place. Gently tug the boot off its position. To remove the shift lever, undo the bolt and nut that secure it using a socket wrench. Set the bolt and nut safely aside. Apply gentle force to pull the lever off its position.

Now, replace the old lever with a new one, and secure it using the bolt and nut. Finally, replace the boot of the lever by screwing back the retainer screws.

A new shift lever for the Ford pickup can be bought from a Ford dealership in the locality, from a store that sells automotive parts, or from an online store. Replacing the shift lever normally takes approximately 15 minutes and requires the use of simple tools.

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