What Are the Steps for Replacing an Oil Pan Gasket?

Replace an oil pan gasket by removing the oil pan and draining the oil. Detach all covers, supports and brackets in front of the gasket. Scrape off any gasket residue, inspect the pan for cracks, and then install the new gasket according to its instructions. Finally, reattach the oil pan.

Check that the oil pan gasket is the correct version for the vehicle. While the oil drains, take off the splash shield and bell housing cover. If the vehicle is front-wheel drive, the oil pan is frequently connected to the transaxle and other parts, all of which need to be detached.

A service manual helps locate all bolts that need to be detached in order to remove the oil pan. Be careful not to bend the oil pan while removing it, and make sure that all bolts are detached before removal. You may need to tap the oil pan lightly with a mallet to ease it from the vehicle. Once the pan is removed, clean it of all sludge or additional oil. The old gasket can then be removed and replaced with the new oil pan gasket per instructions included with the new gasket.

If the oil pan is free from cracks, reattach it to the engine. Rotate the bolts in a spiral pattern starting with the center, to secure the pan and gasket. Finally, reattach any additional brackets and refill the crankcase with oil. Be sure to start the car and inspect for any leaks.