What Are the Steps to Repainting a Fiberglass Boat?


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The steps for repainting a fiberglass boat are removing the old paint; prepping, priming and sanding the hull; and then applying new paint. Use sandpaper to strip the old paint, and then clean all surfaces areas and allow to dry. Apply masking tape to surrounding areas before applying paint and primer. Sand the primer coat once it has dried to ensure a smooth finish.

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Effective preparation is the most important step when repainting a boat. Existing gel coats are often porous and have typically absorbed numerous coats of wax and oils, which limits paint's ability to adhere to the surface. The existing paint is de-waxed and then sanded to ensure the surface is free of contaminants. Hardware is then removed from the hull before applying tape to plastic components, aluminum parts and areas not being painted.

For the best results, paint in temperatures between 70 to 80 F when humidity is low. Rain, excessive heat and high humidity can ruin a paint job. Apply paint using horizontal strokes until an area is covered, and then apply a second coat using vertical strokes. The tools and resources needed to repaint a boat include face masks, safety glasses, newspapers and paint thinner. Using an orbital sander speeds the stripping, sanding and preparation process.

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