What Are the Steps for Installing a Chevrolet Trailer Brake Controller?


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To install a Chevrolet trailer brake controller, drill two holes to attach the mounting bracket in the appropriate location under the dash of the vehicle. Place the brake controller on the mounting bracket. Depending on the make and the model of the vehicle, select the brake controller harness that is fit for the vehicle.

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Guided by the factory supplied procedure, connect the brake controller harness to the vehicle. Remove the cover, and plug the harness that is usually found on the driver’s side towards the left. Use the factory plug under the dash to connect the brake controller. Use the butt connectors to connect the harness to the brake controller, and then gently plug it in.

Mount the controller in the desired position, and firmly screw the bracket in the plastic dash panel. Check the state of the fuse that is located in the fuse box under the hood of the vehicle, and change it for the trailer brakes. Identify the size and location of the fuse guided by the owner manual, and then locate it in the appropriate position.

To prevent wires from hanging down near the feet, zip tie the harness wires to another harness.

Follow the manufacturer’s manual to calibrate and test the working and effectiveness of the newly installed brake controller.

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