What Are the Steps to Getting Personalized License Plates in Texas?

What Are the Steps to Getting Personalized License Plates in Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles refers all specialty plate services to a third party private company, MyPlates.com, as of 2014. MyPlates.com lets you customize your specialty plate with numerous designs and text options. Order your plates from MyPlates.com, and pick them up at your local tax assessor's office when they are complete.

  1. Go to MyPlates.com

    From the homepage, click on the Start Here or Create a Plate banner. If you want to work ahead a bit, you can first check the availability of plate numbers or letters you want to use with the search box on the homepage. You also have a chance to do this later in the process.

  2. Choose your series

    As of 2014, Texas offers the Freedom, Luxury, Custom, Design and T-Plate series, each with different pricing options. Basic design examples are shown for each. Choose the one you want by clicking on it.

  3. Start customizing

    The next page asks you to choose the type of vehicle or trailer the plate is for and themes and colors for the plate. This is also the page where you must enter the text you want on the plate and check its availability. Enter the text in the box, and click Check Availability. A preview appears if the plate is available. If you want to order the plate, click Order This Plate.

  4. Check out

    Enter your necessary information, and complete checkout. Plates arrive at the office of the tax assessor-collector for your county of residence in about three to four weeks.