What Are the Steps to Fix a Used Electric Trolling Motor?

To fix a used electric trolling motor, first consider the type and length of wire used to connect the battery to the motor. Marine-grade wire should be used in order to prevent corrosion; the use of any other type of wire should be discontinued. When rewiring, the distance between the battery and the motor should be as short as possible. Additionally, the wire chosen should be thick, as smaller wires promote a loss of voltage.

Before attempting to fix a used electric trolling motor, inspect the battery. Deep-cycle marine batteries are often used with these types of motor. While these batteries are constructed to last through a multitude of discharge and recharge cycles, they do not perform well once completely discharged. Routinely discharging the battery below 50 percent of its capacity decreases battery life, which, in turn, makes starting the motor difficult. Additionally, the electrolyte balance of batteries should be checked, and only distilled water should be used to replenish them.

When checking the battery, pay close attention to the electrical connections. Many electric trolling motor problems are caused because of corrosion on the battery terminals or simply a loose wire.

If the electric trolling motor is equipped with a foot pedal, inspect it carefully. These pedals include small circuit boards that may be clogged with sand, blocking the signal to the engine.