What Are the Steps to Building an Ultralight Helicopter at Home?


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To build an ultralight helicopter at home, purchase suitable ultralight helicopter plans, and carefully follow the instructions for assembly. While building, construct the frame first, assemble and attach the engine, connect the various controls, and add the rotors. Finally, have authorized personnel inspect the helicopter.

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To make the building process easier, read the ultralight helicopter construction plans several times, and watch the instructional DVD that comes with the assembly kit. Begin building the helicopter by constructing its metal frame. Next, attach the panels made of carbon fiber or fabric to the frame.

When assembling the engine of the aircraft, make sure it accords with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. Review the FAA's latest manuals and regulations to know about the engine requirements, since they update annually. If the helicopter has a pre-built engine, position it on the crane, and pass it through the safety checks.

To connect the instrument panel and controls electrically, follow the instructions in the plan. Finally, attach the rotors onto the power plant located at the top of the helicopter. Do not take any test flights until after an authorized helicopter mechanic or inspector has reviewed the construction. Test-fly the aircraft only after undergoing training by the FAA.

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