What Are the Step-by-Step Instructions for Replacing a Car Window?


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To replace a car window, unplug the battery, remove the power switch, trim panel and weather strip, unbolt the window, remove the glass, and install the new window. A socket set, screwdrivers and a trim stick are necessary for the replacement. Wear gloves and safety glasses while you work.

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Clean up the interior of the car to remove any broken glass. Unplug the battery cables, making sure to start with the negative cable. Use a trim stick to remove the power switch, detach the connector, and pry off the trim panel with your hands. Disconnect any wiring behind the panel, and skin off the plastic vapor-barrier sheet.

Remove speakers and other items from the door panel, and use your fingers to pull out the weather stripping. Unfasten the bolts that secure the glass pane to the regulator, remove the pane, taking care not cut yourself, and set it aside.

To install the new window, slip in the shorter side at a right angle, then fix the long side in track. If necessary, gently wiggle the glass until it slides in place, and then secure it with bolts. Ask a friend to help insert the pane into the door, and use bolts to tighten the pane between the regulator. Replace the speaker, reinstall the vapor or wind shield, fix the trim panel in place, replace the weather strip, and reconnect the battery. Raise and lower the glass to test the installation.

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