What Is a Stator Assembly?

stator-assembly Credit: Rick Rhay/E+/Getty Images

The stator assembly is the stationary part of an alternator, which consists of three groups of windings. Some stators only provide AC power for the ignition system, while other stators produce AC, which is then converted to DC in order to provide power used for lighting, fuel injections, etc.

There is a wide variety of designs for stators; however, all stators work on the same principles. A magnet is moved past a coil of wire, causing the coil to produce electricity. There are stators that utilize a single coil spread across a few poles, while other stators have a few coils consisting of different windings. Some others are split into three evenly divided sections; these types of stators are used for high-powered AC output that can later be converted into DC. The design of the coils vary depending on the power requirement of the equipment.