Which States Recognize an OH CCW Permit?


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As of 2015, 26 states recognize an Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon permit and are part of a reciprocity agreement with the state. Under this agreement, Ohio residents are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in these 26 states, including Alaska, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.

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Prior to entering a reciprocity agreement with another state, the Ohio Attorney General must make a determination as to whether or not that state's concealed-carry law requirements are similar or comparable to those of Ohio. A reciprocity agreement also means that residents of a participating state are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio as long as they possess a permit.

To receive an Ohio CCW permit, an applicant must be at least 21 years old, be an Ohio resident and a resident of her home county for 45 days and 30 days, respectively. Additionally, applicants must also take a 12-hour course for a Certificate of Competency under a qualified CCW instructor. When applying for a concealed handgun license, Ohio residents must not have a Certificate of Competency that is over 3 years old. U.S. military service members, honorably discharged military servicemen within six years of their discharge dates and retired law enforcement officers can also use their experience as a substitute for the CCW permit's training requirement.

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