What Are Some States That Allow Under-Car Neon Lights?

Underglow lights are legal in California, Arizona and Kansas. Like most laws regarding the customization of an automobile, under-car neon lights or underglow legality depend on the stipulation enacted in that specific state. Although underglow is legal in the mentioned states, there are still restrictions on how the lights can be mounted and what kind of lights can be used.

Most enthusiasts agree that there is a safety factor included when adding underglow lights to a vehicle. The additional lighting helps make the car more noticeable to oncoming drivers. But, many states, such as Michigan or South Carolina, do not allow underglow as they believe it risks distracting other drivers on the road. For a complete list of restrictions on underglow lighting, contact the local police station.

Arizona underglow restrictions

Arizona laws do not allow the use of underglow lights to be mounted underneath the vehicle, but the state does allow the lights to be added to the side of the body. The lights can not be any other color besides white or amber, and they must not create extra glare for oncoming drivers.

Kansas underglow restrictions

Kansas state laws are more flexible as opposed to Arizona. The state allows lights to be mounted underneath the chassis. The lights can be almost any color except red, and they cannot flash. The tubes also cannot be visible.