How Do You Get a State ID?

How Do You Get a State ID?

To get a state ID, go to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and ask for an ID application. Fill out the application, provide the required proof of identification and pay any fees.

  1. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles

    Ask the desk agent for a state ID application form. To save time, check the state's DMV website to find a downloadable ID application form. Print it out at home and fill it out.

  2. Present the form to the desk agent

    Bring the filled out form along with proof of identity as required by the state to the desk agent. Wait for the agent to approve and stamp the form.

  3. Get your picture taken

    Head to the photo station and present the approved form to the photographer. Stand on the assigned line to have a photo taken.

  4. Wait for the photo to process

    Allow time for the photo to process. Go back to the clerk to pay for the ID and services. Get a receipt and wait for the finished state ID to be issued.

  5. Check the ID for mistakes

    Read the ID and make sure all information is correct and accurate. If mistakes are found on the ID, return to the DMV and show the agent.