How Do You Start a Manual Outboard Engine?

To start a manual outboard engine, be sure the shift lever is in neutral, pull out the choke and turn the hand grip until the arrow aligns with the start position. Pull the starter rope slightly until it is taut, then pull harder to start the engine. An operator should always start the engine on land instead of in the boat to avoid falling overboard while pulling the starter rope.

Starting an outboard engine is a simple procedure, provided the engine is working properly. The choke on the motor should only be used if the engine is cold. A warm motor won't need the choke unless it refuses to start after a few tries. If the engine hasn't been started for awhile, it may take a few tries to get it to turn on. Once the engine is running, push the choke slowly back in until the engine runs smoothly.

If, after several tries, the engine will not start, check to make sure the choke is engaged, the fuel tank is full, and there is no water or dirt in the fuel system.

When it is time to turn off the engine, shift the boat to neutral. Turn the throttle handle to the stop position and kill the engine using the button at the top.