How Do You Start an Arctic Cat Snowmobile?

How Do You Start an Arctic Cat Snowmobile?

To start a 2015 Arctic Car ZR 4000 LXR, put the emergency stop switch in the UP or RUN position, place the key in the ignition and turn it to the RUN position. Gradually pull the recoil handle until feeling resistance; then pull it repeatedly until the engine starts.

After feeling resistance, pulls on the recoil handle should be short and quick. Don't stretch it to its limit, and rewind it slowly. Once the engine starts, warm it up by letting it idle for a few minutes.

Operating instructions vary based on the snowmobile model. Owner's manuals, which include instructions for starting snowmobiles, are available on, as of May 2015.

Visit the home page, and click on Owner's Manuals under the About Arctic Cat heading. Under the Product heading, click on Sleds. Select your snowmobile's year, category and model to view the owner's manual. Manuals open in a PDF format.

Perform safety checks before starting the snowmobile. Pull the brake lever, which should feel firm and stop over 1 inch from the handlebar. Check the brake fluid on a level surface. The fluid should reach the high brake fluid mark. Finally, press the throttle completely several times to make sure it returns to the idle position quickly.