What Is the Standard Tire Size for a Chrysler Sebring?


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Chrysler Sebring tires do not have a standard size, and vary according to model option and year. To determine the recommended tire size, select a model option and year and consult Chrysler's official website, the vehicle's manual, or an auto service center offering tire service.

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Tire size is determined by the combination of tire type, tire width, aspect ratio and wheel diameter. Although Chrysler Sebrings don't have a standard tire size, some tire size measurements fall within a standard range regardless of option and year. In general, width ranges between 195 and 215 inches, aspect ratio between 55 and 75 inches, and wheel diameter between 14 and 18 inches. In general, the model's recommended wheel diameter has increased with time. In the 1990s, diameters usually ranged from 14 to 16 inches, compared with 16 to 18 inches since 2010.

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