What Are the Standard Steps to Reset a Car Alarm?


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While the steps for resetting a car alarm may differ from system to system, one standard method is to quickly press the override button five times. Enter the button sequence within eight seconds. For a system that does not have an override button, remove the key from the ignition, and then quickly insert and fully withdraw the key six times in less then 10 seconds. The interior lights of the car should flash twice to signal a successful override.

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Always refer to the owner's manual to find the programming instructions for specific systems. The steps and instructions for resetting the systems may vary greatly depending on the brand and model of system installed. Before resetting the system, enter the vehicle, and ensure all doors are shut before locking the doors. Insert the key into the ignition, and turn it two clicks.

After resetting the system, test all remote buttons to ensure they are functioning correctly. If there are any issues with the operation of the system or remote, recheck the instructions, and repeat the process. Stop the process and consult with a professional mechanic, or contact the system manufacturer for further instructions if the system does not reset after three tries. Multiple attempts to reset the system may trigger a safety lock-out feature.

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