What Are Some Standard Services Offered by Jiffy Lube?


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Jiffy Lube offers oil changes, air conditioning service, battery maintenance and replacement, brake service and tire services, among other miscellaneous tasks. Find a full listing of the services Jiffy Lube offers at JiffyLube.com.

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Jiffy Lube's Signature Service oil change offers four different types of oils for different applications or engine types. Motor oil options include conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend and full synthetic. High mileage is specially designed for engines with over 75,000 miles, while synthetic blend and full synthetic oils offer better protection, performance, cleaning and fuel economy, as well as engine protection in extreme temperature conditions.

Jiffy Lube's brake services include key component inspections, brake fluid exchange, and installation and repair of brake pads, drums and rotors. Jiffy Lube offers tire services such as tire rotation, re-balancing, mounting, flat tire repair and general inspections for leaks or low pressure issues.

Air conditioning services include inspections of the compressor, belts, and all accessible components and hoses. Jiffy Lube also conducts refrigerant evacuation and recharges. For batteries, Jiffy Lube offers diagnostic services to test the battery and charging system components and determine how much life a battery has left. In the case that a battery is dead or nearing the time for replacement, Jiffy Lube can replace the battery. Jiffy Lube also cleans corrosion from battery terminals and applies anti-corrosion spray, and it can replace battery cable ends altogether.

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