What Are Standard Guidelines for Parking?


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Specific parking rules and laws vary from state to state, but some general guidelines are common throughout the United States. Never park in close proximity to a fire hydrant or fire station entrance or exit. The typical guideline is to park at least 15 feet away. Also, never park in a parking spot that is designated for the handicapped unless you have the required placard and documentation. Never park in a crosswalk or on a freeway.

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What Are Standard Guidelines for Parking?
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When parallel parking, aim to be within 18 inches of the curb or the side of the road if there is no curb. Always straighten out the wheels so they are parallel to the curb or road.

When parking in straight or angled parking spaces, pull the car in far enough so the back does not stick out into traffic. Turn the wheels straight so the car can reverse straight out. Always aim to park in the center of the space and never straddle the line between two parking spaces.

When parking downhill, turn the front wheels of the car toward the curb or side of the road. For uphill parking, turn wheels away from the curb. If there is no curb, turn the wheels toward the side of the road. This prevents the car from rolling into traffic if the parking brake fails.

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