Are There Standard Dimensions for Different Types of Cars?


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Certain car manufacturers do advertise standard dimensions for some features of the cars they sell. For example, Chevrolet provides a list of dimensions for its 2014 Cruze models, including length and height, trunk volume, front head room, front hip room and track width for both the front and the rear.

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Sometimes a manufacturer also gives dimensions in terms of cargo volume, such as in the case of the 18.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the Chevrolet's 2015 Impala. Car manufacturers sometimes alter the standard dimensions of their cars by the addition of custom features that they install upon request from customers.

Many times a car's size is not given in terms of strict length and width, but according to the categories of economy, compact, intermediate, standard and other sizes. This sizing scheme is often found in the case of rental cars. Cars within a certain size range, such as compact cars, are often of similar dimensions, although there are some variations according to make and model. These size schemes use such factors as the number of passengers the car can hold, luggage capacity and number of doors the car possesses in order to give an general idea of the size of the car.

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