How Does Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer Keep Fuel Fresh?


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Sta-bil Fuel Stabilizer keeps fuel fresh by preventing the chemicals in the fuel from oxidizing. When the chemicals in gasoline undergo oxidation, they form progressively longer chains. Eventually, the chains get so long that the molecules form solid substances and sink to the bottom of the gas tank.

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Many different triggers can cause gasoline to oxidize. Gasoline begins to oxidize when exposed to excess light; for this reason, it is best to store gasoline in opaque containers. Sudden or significant changes in temperature can also cause the oxidation process to start. Store gasoline at cool, constant temperatures to prevent oxidation.

Regardless of the way the oxidation process starts, it is impossible to stop it once it does. Once the chains of molecules in gasoline start getting longer, they continue to grow until they can no longer do so. Therefore, stopping the oxidation process before it starts is essential in keeping stored gasoline fresh.

Fuel stabilizers prevent the oxidation process from starting. These chemicals work by reacting with radicals, the substances responsible for starting the oxidation process. While fuel stabilizers do not remove radicals from gasoline, they contain the radicals before they have a chance to react with the gasoline molecules. Sta-bil Fuel Stablizer is guaranteed to keep gasoline fresh for at least a year.

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