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Some Square D parts include circuit breakers, circuit breaker enclosures, circuit breaker accessories and ground bars. Additional parts from Square D are breaker boxes, pendant stations, sockets, relays, and energy and power meters.

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Square D miniature circuit breakers are available in bolt-on, unit-mount and plug-in styles. Square D brands also produces International Electrotechnical Commission-approved supplementary circuit protectors. Some Square D circuit breaker accessories include mounting feet, mounting bases, lugs, jumper bar bases and interlock attachments, as well as solid neutral assemblies, undervoltage trips, circuit breaker bases and auxiliary contacts. Steel and stainless steel circuit breaker enclosures are available from Square D, as well as neutral assembly kits for enclosures.

Square D bus plug parts include floor-operable disconnects, busway plug-in units, fusible busway units, busway tap boxes and fusible bus plugs, and it produces several series of molded-case circuit breakers. Square D offers main-circuit-breaker, main-lug, and convertible main-lug panel board interiors, and it also offers load center and panel board accessories, including filler plates, lock kits, handle padlock attachments, panel board keys and covers.

Square D provides energy meter communications boards, Ethernet gateways, Ethernet com cards and fuse packs for its power and energy meters. It also produces C-, K- and R-type relays, as well as medium- and rugged-duty pendant stations, and Type NR sockets. Schneider Electric owns Square D.

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