What Are the Specs for Transmission Fluid in a Hyundai?


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The precise specifications for transmission fluids used in Hyundai vehicles differ between different models and production years, but many newer Hyundai vehicles with automatic transmissions use SP4 grade fluids. Manual, dual-clutch and continuously variable transmission vehicles also require different fluid from automatic transmissions.

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Hyundai vehicles have used a number of different automatic transmission fluid types, but most recent vehicles as of 2015 were designed to use SP4 type fluids. These fluids are also used in modern Mitsubishi and Kia vehicles as well. Older vehicles may use earlier grades of SP fluids such as SP3 or SP2, while a different formulation known as ATF+4 was also used in some older vehicles.

Continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions require different types of transmission fluid than conventional automatics. This is because CVT designs use a pair of belt-driven pulleys to generate different gear ratios rather than a fixed set of gears, while dual-clutch transmissions operate in a manner more similar to manual transmissions using a computer-controlled clutch system. Unlike conventional automatic transmission fluid, CVT fluids are very similar in composition across most manufacturers, so most Hyundai vehicles with CVTs can use generic CVT fluids. Dual-clutch transmissions used by Hyundai are designed to be maintenance-free with regard to transmission fluid.

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