What Are Some Specs of Polaris Engine Oil?

Some specs for Polaris PS-4 engine oil include a viscosity grade of 5W-50 and container sizes ranging from a 1-gallon container to a 55-gallon drum. The 5W-50 viscosity grade means the oil works in temperatures between minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polaris makes four different types of cycle oil for Ranger products, but it also produces lubricants for other engine types, such as motorcycles. The four cycle oils are PS-4, PS-4 Extreme Duty, DIESEL HD and Summer Diesel Oil. While all four have applications with Ranger products, both PS-4 labels can be applied also to ACE, Sportsman and RZR products.

Polaris' PS-4 Extreme Duty engine oil is a full-synthetic formula for engines that need to handle tough conditions and higher temperatures. The formula endures a range of temperatures from zero degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features increased resistance over the PS-4 formula to corrosion and rust.

DIESEL HD is for diesel engines and provides start-up protection in extremely low -temperature weather conditions. It has a viscosity grade of 5W-40, so it has superior thermal and oxidation stability.

Summer diesel oil has a viscosity grade of 15W40 and is a multigrade lubricant for both heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines. This lubricant protects an engine operating at high speeds and in high temperatures.