What Are the Specs of the Piper Cherokee?


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The Piper PA-28 family of Cherokee planes are classified as light model aircraft, best deployed for duties in air taxiing, personal aviation and pilot training. Cherokee planes are all unpressurized, piston-powered, single-engine aircraft made exclusively from metal. The specs for Cherokee aircraft vary widely depending on the model in question.

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The Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee Cruiser, for instance, has a top speed of 124 knots, a cruising speed of 110 knots, and operates under 150 horsepower. Alternatively, the Piper PA-28-235 B Cherokee has a top speed of 144 knots, cruising speed of 136 knots, and operates under 235 horsepower. Both models, however, have similar weights, between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds, and maximum flight ceilings beneath 1500 feet.

Ground roll specs for both taking off and landing also vary depending on model, but these figures still consistently fall below 1,000 feet. For example, the Piper PA-28 C 160 Cherokee has a takeoff ground roll minimum of 740 feet and a landing spec of 550 feet. Original Cherokee models possessed a constant-chord wing, also known as the Hershey Bar model, a design known for its rectangular shape. Later models, however, adopt a tapered section between mid-wing and tip, with the wing root swept forward along the fuselage, as opposed to meeting it perpendicularly.

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