What Are the Specs for the John Deere 450?


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Some of the specifications for the John Deere 450J are an engine output of 70 horsepower, a fuel tank capacity of 47 gallons, a top speed of 8 mph for both directions, and an operating weight of 17,525 pounds. The John Deere 450 comes in several other models.

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For the John Deere 450C, the specifications are 65 horsepower for the engine output, a fuel tank capacity of 31 gallons, four speeds for both the forward and reverse gears and an operating weight of 14,400 pounds.

The 450G LT model has an engine that outputs 70 horsepower, as well as a gross power output of 73 horsepower. The fuel tank has a 41-gallon capacity, and the tractor can move in four speeds in both forward and reverse. The operating weight of this model is 15,732 pounds.

The 450H has an engine with a net power of 70 horsepower, and its fuel capacity is 36 gallons. The transmission is hydrostatic, and the maximum speed in both directions is 5 mph. The operating weight for this tractor is 15,000 pounds.

These models are all crawler tractor models; however, the John Deere 450 line also features several excavators, such as the 450C LC line.

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