What Are the Specs on a Cessna Aircraft?


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There are numerous models of Cessna Aircraft, each of which has its own technical specifications. All Cessna airplanes have either one or two engines ,and most have single propellers on the noses. The Cessna TTx has a maximum flight range of 1,250 nautical miles and a maximum cruise speed of 235 knots. It has the capacity to carry four passengers and a useful load of 1,000 pounds. The takeoff ground roll for this model is listed at 1,280 feet.

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Airplane enthusiast and pilot Clyde Vernon Cessna, born in Iowa in 1879, partnered with Lloyd C. Stearman and Walter H. Beech in 1924 to form the Travel Air Manufacturing Co., Inc. Cessna left this biplane-manufacturing firm in 1927 to form his own company, the Cessna Aircraft Company. This company focused on the manufacture of monoplanes, and it eventually turned to the manufacture of racing aircraft to combat the negative financial effects of the Great Depression on the airline manufacturing industry.

Cessna introduced its first twin-engine design, the Model T-50, in 1939. This model was extensively used as one of the standard pilot training aircraft during World War II. In 1948, the Cessna 170 was introduced to the market. This Cessna model became the most widely produced lightweight aircraft in history.

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